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.38 Oregon Trail 158g .358 RN Bullets (500) Triple K Rooster Cogburn Crossdraw Holster #787
Our Price: $52.00
Our Price: $89.00
Sale Price: $56.95
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.38 158grain bullet Rooster Cogburn Crossdraw Holster
Caliber: .38
Weight: 158 grain
Diameter: .358 inch
Contour: Round Nose
Quantity: 500

Drop shipped from manufacturer to save shipping costs.
Authentic to the period. Styled after the holsters worn by John Wayne movie character Rooster Cogburn. The highly functional holster compliments the #791 belt and #789 strong side holster, is made for center fire single action revolvers. Available for barrel lengths 4-3/4", 5-1/2", 6- 1/2", and 7-1/2". Available for Gun Group 15 only.

Colors: Havana Brown
Leather Finish: Plain
Gun Hand: Right, Left

This is a non-stocked item, allow 4-6 weeks.
Triple K 114 Cheyenne Holster for Group1 .45-70 Oregon Trail 350g .459 FP Bullets (250)
Our Price: $94.00
Sale Price: $54.38
You save $39.62!
Our Price: $52.00
Triple K #114 Cheyenne Western Holster .45-70 350grain bullet
RUGER Security Six, Speed Six, Service Six
Triple K holster formed to closely fit your gun. Sleek design where entire trigger loop and hammer is exposed for quick, smooth draw. Made from a single layer of heavy saddle leather that holds its shape and will not collapse. Two heavy-duty snaps on the holster back allow the holster to be used on any belt.

Available for single action in Groups 1 (Ruger Security Six, Speed Six, Service Six)
Cody-Dixon category & other .45-70 shooters

Caliber: .45-70
Weight: 350 grain
Diameter: .459 inch
Contour: Flat Point
Quantity: 250

Drop shipped from manufacturer to save shipping costs.
Triple K Leather Cartridge Belt #740 Triple K CC5 Classic Cowboy Rig
Our Price: $88.00
Sale Price: $57.35
You save $30.65!
Our Price: $295.50
Sale Price: $188.95
You save $106.55!
Cartridge Gunbelt Classic Cowboy Rig CC5
Made of a single layer of 10 oz. top-grain saddle skirting with billet-style closure. 2-1/2" wide belt with 25 sewn loops for center fire cartridges.
Similar to our TRPK-CC1 Rig but replace the crossdraw holster with a weak hand holster and you are ready to try the Gunfighter shooting style.

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Classic Cowboy Rig CC1

Our Price: $295.50
Sale Price: $188.95
You save $106.55!
Classic Cowboy Rig CC1
A very popular starter classic cowboy holster rig. All the basic leather gear you need to get started in Cowboy Action Shooting™. Available Right Handed or Left Handed.

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Colt Peacemaker Screwdriver Set
Sale Price: $24.70

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