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Triple K Deluxe Rooster Cogburn Crossdraw Holster #793 Triple K Deluxe Western Crossdraw Holster #42
Our Price: $180.00
Sale Price: $115.99
You save $64.01!
Our Price: $255.00
Sale Price: $163.95
You save $91.05!
Deluxe Rooster Cogburn Crossdraw Holster Crossdraw Holster
Deluxe Rooster Cogburn Two-Tone, (Tan & Brown) Holster, Lined w/Glove Leather, Cut & Angled for Cross Draw Action. Styled after the holsters worn by John Wayne movie character Rooster Cogburn. Fits Center Fire Single Action Revolvers (Group 15).

Colors: Two-Tone
Leather Finish: Plain
Gun Hand: Right, Left

Not available for Gun Group 16 or 91.
This is a non-stocked item, allow 6-8 weeks.
Fancy carved and leather lined with metal insert. Available for single action and centerfire revolvers only (Group 15). Matches the Buscadero Drop Belt #41 Belt. Floral Carved leather finish.

Colors: Walnut Oil
Leather Finish: Carved
Gun Hand: Right or Left

This is a non-stocked item, allow 4-6 weeks.
CSS-LLP-GRAY Large Leather Pouch .44 Oregon Trail 240g .431 RNFP Bullets (1000)
Our Price: $15.99
Our Price: $163.00
Sale Price: $144.99
You save $18.01!
CSS-LLP Large Leather Pouch .44 240grain bullet
NEW GRAY COLOR! Large Leather Pouch, stands upright at loading table, very durable, 5 inches tall, 3 inch diameter base, holds 20 rounds of larger caliber cartridges (.44, ..45). Mouth of pouch is flared so that your fingers can reach inside easily to get at contents. Split cowhide inside and outside. Completely hand made in USA, no modern machines used during manufacturing. Sold individually.

Due to variations in the material from our leather providers your pouch color may vary.
Sorry, we won't fill 'em for you.
Caliber: .44
Weight: 240 grain
Diameter: .431 inch
Contour: Round Nose Flat Point
Quantity: 1000

Drop shipped from manufacturer to save shipping costs.
Triple K Buscadero Drop Belt #41 Triple K WB1 Wild K Rig
Our Price: $370.00
Sale Price: $236.99
You save $133.01!
Our Price: $297.00
Sale Price: $185.99
You save $111.01!
Buscadero Drop Belt Wild K Rig WB1
Perfectly matches the #40 "Texan" holster. It is cut from heavy saddle leather and completely lined. Belt is 3" wide. Made with 25 sewn cartridge loops and solid brass buckle. Fancy floral design is hand carved.
This is a non-stocked item, allow 4-6 weeks.
For the Wild Bunch shooters-a gunbelt rig for the 1911 shooter. We have put together this complete rig for ordering convenience. This rig includes the gunbelt, the holster, a magazine carrier and a shotshell slide all in an attractive matched finish.

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Classic Cowboy Rig CC1

Our Price: $323.00
Sale Price: $201.99
You save $121.01!
Classic Cowboy Rig CC1
A very popular starter classic cowboy holster rig. All the basic leather gear you need to get started in Cowboy Action Shooting™. Available Right Handed or Left Handed.

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Colt Peacemaker Screwdriver Set
Sale Price: $24.70

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