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NSL-SLP Small Leather Pouch 6-pack Triple K Rifle Cartridge Belt #249 - .45-70 Caliber - L 38-43 inches
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Load up for 6 stages, one bag per stage, the night before with these small pouches. Holds 20 rounds of smaller caliber cartridges.
Small Leather Pouch of softleather, 4-3/4" inches tall x 3 inches wide. Holds and protects cartridges, spent brass, marbles, cast bullets, small gun parts, coins, spare cylinders and whatever else you can think of.  Leather drawstring closure. Made in USA.

Colors: Brown, Saddle Tan
Leather Finish: plain
Size: Small
Sold in 6-packs.

Due to variations in the material from our pouch manufacturer your pouch color and texture may vary slightly.
For the Cody-Dixon category shooter or Large Bore Side Match shooter!
Well designed belt holds rifle cartridges in popular calibers. Reduced width of belt allows wearer to carry other needed accessories such as a knife pouch or case. Measure yourself where you will be wearing the belt (including over any costume accessories-belts, chaps, etc.) before selecting a Size.
This is a non-stocked item. Allow 4-6 weeks.
Color: Walnut Oil
Cartridge Size: .45-70 with 10 cartridge loops, 30-06 and similar with 15 cartridge loops, .300-.375 Win Magnum with 15 cartridge loops
Leather Finish: Plain
Belt Sizes: Small 28-33, Medium 33-38, Large 38-43, Extra Large 43-48
.44 Oregon Trail 300g .431 TC Bullets (500) Triple K Keegan Crossdraw Holster #115 - Walnut Oil - Group 15 - Left Hand - 6-1/2" Barrel
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.44 300grain bullet Triple K #115 Keegan Crossdraw Holster
Caliber: .44
Weight: 300 grain
Diameter: .431 inch
Contour: Truncated Cone
Quantity: 500

Drop shipped from manufacturer to save shipping costs.
Holster made from a single layer of heavy saddle leather formed to hug your gun and will not collapse. Trigger guard and hammer are completely exposed for quick draw. Two heavy-duty snaps allow the holster to be used on any belt. Availablefor right or left handed. Perfect match for the #114 holster.
LEE Factory Roll Crimp Die, Carbide - .38spl/.357mag Caliber .45-70 Oregon Trail 405g .459 FP Bullets (250)
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.45-70 405grain bullet
The Lee Factory Crimp die crimps the bullet in place more firmly than any other tool. It is impossible to buckle the case as with regular roll crimp dies. Casing trim length is not critical.

.45 Colt
Cody-Dixon category & other .45-70 shooters

Caliber: .45-70
Weight: 405 grain
Diameter: .459 inch
Contour: Flat Point
Quantity: 250

Drop shipped from manufacturer to save shipping costs.

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Classic Cowboy Rig CC1

Our Price: $347.00
Sale Price: $220.00
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Classic Cowboy Rig CC1
A very popular starter classic cowboy holster rig. All the basic leather gear you need to get started in Cowboy Action Shooting™. Available Right Handed or Left Handed.

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Colt Peacemaker Screwdriver Set
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