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Triple K Deluxe Rooster Cogburn Cartridge Belt #794 Triple K Shot Shell Belt Slide #71
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Our Price: $28.00
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Rooster Cogburn Cartridge Belt Shot Shell Belt Slide
Styled after the belt worn by John Wayne movie character Rooster Cogburn. Deluxe Rooster Cogburn Two-Tone, (Tan, Brown) cartridge belt, Top Grain Saddle Leather. 3" Wide with 25 Cartridge Loops. Shot Shell Belt Slide holds six shotgun shells and will fit any belt up to 1-3/4".  Available in 12 or 20 gauge.

Color: Walnut Oil
Leather Finish: Plain
CSS-BRP Pistol Squib Rod .44 Oregon Trail 240g .431 SWC Bullets (1000)
Our Price: $8.50
Our Price: $163.00
Sale Price: $144.99
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Pistol Squib Rod .44 240grain bullet
A squib round will bring your range day to an immediate halt. Safely and quickly clear the barrel of any squib round. Hopefully you will never need this, but when you have a Squib round you REALLY need it.
Brass rod, 1/4 inch diameter, for pushing Squib rounds back into rifle chamber. Rod insertion depth into barrel is 8 inches. The handles are turned from quality Maine hardwood and protected with a smooth finish. Handles match those on our Screwdriver sets. Material: 360 alloy Brass
Caliber: .44
Weight: 240 grain
Diameter: .431 inch
Contour: Semi Wad Cutter
Quantity: 1000

Drop shipped from manufacturer to save shipping costs.
Triple K Shot Shell Belt #70 Triple K 45-70 Belt Slide #737
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Shot Shell Belt 45-70 Cartridge Belt Slide
Made from heavy saddle leather with 25 sewn leather loops to hold the shells. The belt is 2-1/2" wide with a 1-1/2" buckle and is made for 12 or 20 gauge shells only.

Measure yourself where you will be wearing the belt (including over any costume accessories-belts, suspenders, chaps, coats, etc.) before selecting a Size.

This is a non-stocked item, allow 4-6 weeks.

Colors: Walnut Oil
Leather Finish: Plain
Belt Sizes: Medium 33-38, Large 38-43 Extra Large 43-48
Cody-Dixon category shooters or Large Bore side match shooters!
Slide-on belt carrier for 45-70 rifle cartridges. Holds 10 cartridges.
Fits any belt up to 2-1/4 inches wide. Slide is 7-1/2 inches long.
Finish: Plain
Color: Walnut Oil

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