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Triple K Leather Pistol Cartridge Belt #316 - .38/.357 cal - Honey Tan - XL 43-48 inches Triple K Shotshell Bandolero #208
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Triple K 316 Cartridge Belt Shotshell Bandolero
Fully Leather Lined Cartridge Belt. Top grain leather. 25 individually sewn cartridge loops. Added strength and durability for carrying your revolver and accessories. Black belts supplied with solid brass nickel plated buckles and honey tan belts supplied with solid brass buckles.

Available Honey Tan or Black color. Cartridge loops for 38/357 or 44/45 ammo.
Heavy duty saddle leather strap with loops for 50 shells. That's two boxes of Winchester AA Shotshells! Soft plush sheeplike shearling padded shoulder piece at the neck/shoulder for easy carrying.
Available in 12 or 20 gauge. Available in Walnut Oil only.
LEE 3 Die Set, Carbide - .44 Magnum Caliber CSS-BRP Pistol Squib Rod
Our Price: $31.99
Our Price: $9.99
Pistol Squib Rod
Die Set includes:
Carbide Sizer Die
Powder Through Expander Die
Bullet Seater Die
Powder Dipper
Load Data Sheet
2 year warranty
A squib round will bring your range day to an immediate halt. Safely and quickly clear the barrel of any squib round. Hopefully you will never need this, but when you have a Squib round you REALLY need it.
Brass rod, 1/4 inch diameter, for pushing Squib rounds back into rifle chamber. Rod insertion depth into barrel is 8 inches. The handles are turned from quality Maine hardwood and protected with a smooth finish. Handles match those on our Screwdriver sets. Material: 360 alloy Brass
Triple K Pistol Cartridge Bandolero #918 - .45 Caliber .38 Oregon Trail 148g .358 WCDBBSGG Bullets (500)
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Triple K #918 Pistol Cartridge Bandolero .38 148grain bullet
Sling this bandolero made from heavy leather over your shoulder for a convenient way to carry an extra 50 rounds of ammo. Get two and wear one over each shoulder for 100 rounds.
Available in .38 or .45 caliber. Available in Walnut Oil only.
Caliber: .38
Weight: 148 grain
Diameter: .358 inch
Contour: Wad Cutter
Quantity: 500

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Classic Cowboy Rig CC1

Our Price: $347.00
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Classic Cowboy Rig CC1
A very popular starter classic cowboy holster rig. All the basic leather gear you need to get started in Cowboy Action Shooting™. Available Right Handed or Left Handed.

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Colt Peacemaker Screwdriver Set
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