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CSS Newsletter Jan09 Recent Developments at SASS
Last Updated: 27-08-2011
New Rules from 2008 Territorial Governor Summit
Looks like the Traditional and Modern categories will be combined (new name unknown at this time). This new category will then be divided into two age groups: 17 years and older, 36 years and older. Suppose this is a way of getting the kids to compete with each other and the older shooters won't be competing with the youngsters.

Cowboy costume rules have changed too, allowing manufacturer's labels. We used to have to remove all of them before. Sponsors and Team logos are still outlawed. Keep your Winchester shirts at home, but you no longer have to rip off the Levi tag.

New rule for staging guns horizontally. Long guns still need to have the rear of the trigger guard on the staging area.  What changed is how the handgun is staged. The handgun must be staged completely on the staging area. No part of the handgun may extend beyond the staging area.

Those of you shooting a single shot shotgun are now allowed to have ejectors. Were these shotguns that slow before?

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