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1887 Lever Action Shotgun
Last Updated: 23-10-2011
u Must be of the period from approximately 1860 until 1899 without automatic ejectors.
u May be original or a replica.
u Shotgun barrel must be minimum 18 inches long. A longer barrel is allowed.
u Must be centerfire of at least 20 gauge and no larger than 10 gauge.
u Modifying the firing, cocking, or chambering mechanisms in any way that changes the process from an entirely manual
u operation to any other style operation (i.e. blowback operation, gas operation or recoil operation) is expressly prohibited.
u Shotgun barrel may have internal choke tubes installed provided they do not extend beyond the muzzle.
u Shotgun trigger guards may be wrapped with leather or other natural material.
u A permanently fitted, non-adjustable, lace on or slip on recoil pad is allowed on the buttstock of shotguns.
u Checkering, carving or laser engraving is allowed on fore-stocks and buttstocks.
u Contemporary rubber grips, modern target grips, grip tape and the like are not allowed.
u Front sights may be a bead or a simple post type sight.
u A light bead blasted finish may be applied to the exterior of a shotgun.
u Factory screws may be replaced with socket head cap or other type screw.
u Levers may be wrapped or padded with leather or other natural material.
u A “two-shot” drop type system may be added.

May be used in following categories: Traditional, Modern, Duelist, Gunfighter, Frontiersman if loaded with blackpowder, Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl, B-Western, Young Guns, Buckaroo, Women’s, Forty-Niner, Senior, Silver Senior, Elder Statesmen, Grand Dames, Plainsman Side Match

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