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Last Updated: 27-08-2011

At SASS matches each competitor will use two pistols throughout the match, at all stages. Several shooting categories are available to meet your shooting style and leather rig. To clear up any confusion from reading the SASS Handbook we will present the various styles with explanations.

The Traditional shooting category allows only one pistol to be unholstered; the other pistol must remain in the holster. The shooter must grasp the drawn pistol with both hands. The pistol may be cocked with the gun hand or the non-gun hand.

An alternate cocking style is called Slip Hammering where the non-gun hand cocks the pistol and holds the hammer fully cocked while the gun hand holds down the trigger. The hammer is allowed to fall while the trigger is still held firmly. This firing style allows very quick shooting, but also can lead to easily missing the target. Practicing this style will definitely be required as it is not a natural way of shooting where the hammer is cocked and the trigger squeezed.

Fanning the hammer is not allowed under SASS rules. Fanning is where the non-gun hand is used to “slap” the hammer back like seen in some Hollywood films.

Holster leather may be (1) strong side with cross draw, or (2) double drop loop, or (3) strong side drop loop with cross draw. If you are shooting with right hand as the gun hand then the cross draw leather described will be easier and possibly faster. The double drop loop leather causes the shooter to shift the pistol from one hand to another before cocking; obviously more difficult and somewhat slower.

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