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Double Duelist
Last Updated: 27-08-2011
At SASS matches each competitor will use two pistols throughout the match, at all stages. Several shooting categories are available to meet your shooting style and leather rig. To clear up any confusion from reading the SASS Handbook we will present the various styles with explanations.
The Double Duelist shooting category allows only one pistol to be unholstered at the same time; the other pistol must remain in the holster. The first pistol to be fired must be emptied before using the other pistol. The gun hand is used to cock and fire the pistol in the hand; the other hand may not come in contact with the other gun, gun hand or gun arm.

Depending on the stage scenario the Gunfighter may be forced to switch to Double Duelist.

Holster leather for these categories will have the pistols on either side of the body in (1) double drop loop, or (3) two strong side holsters. This allows the pistols may be drawn with each hand.

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