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.38-55 Cartridge Case, Why two sizes?
Ever wonder why this Cowboy caliber rifle cartridge comes in two sizes? Research has maybe found the answer.   The .38-55 cartridge is a straight walled, tapered case introduced in 1884 by Ba
1887 Lever Action Shotgun
u Must be of the period from approximately 1860 until 1899 without automatic ejectors. u May be original or a replica. u Shotgun barrel must be minimum 18 inches long. A longer barrel is allowed. u M
1897 Slide Action Shotgun, Pump Shotgun
u Must be Model 1897 Winchester only. No other pump action shotgun is allowed. u May be original or a replica. u Shotgun barrel must be minimum 18 inches long. A longer barrel is allowed. u Slide act
Abu Zarqawi, 72 Virgins?
Abu al-Zarqawi died, and George Washington met him at the Pearly Gates. The Father of our Country slapped him across the face and yelled, 'How dare you try to destroy the nation I helped conceive!' P
Coach Gun - Your turn at the stage
Stage the external hammered shotgun with hammers cocked; this will save a second or two on your stage time. The action is open while staged, of course. Stage the internal hammered shotgun with the saf
Coach Gun Extractor vs. Ejector
This one got us good-we really showed our Tenderfoot and how wet behind the ears we were. We studied and studied the SASS rules about legal features for Coach Guns and the statement banning the Eject
Counting Rifle Rounds
  New shooters may not have the experience to count their rifle shots at the stage as they are fired. Some stage scenarios may have many rounds fired at the same target before proceeding to a
Cowboy Costumes
SASS and CAS are one of the few shooting sports where a “dress code” is needed and encouraged. To enhance the experience and spirit of the sport you are encouraged to dress in the manner of the old w
Cowboy Guide to Life
1. Don't squat with yer spurs on. 2. Never kick a fresh cow chip on a hot day. 3. There's two theories to arguin' with a woman. Neither one works. 4. Don't worry about bitin off more than you can che
CSS Newletter Jul09 More Odd Town Names
JACKPOT, NEV. It was known for three years as Unincorporated Nevada Town #1 before locals decided that Jackpot had a better ring. WHY, ARIZ. Located near Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument where
CSS Newsletter Apr09 Reader's Tales
A Touch of the Old West   As a Range Officer at my agency's Range Training Facility,  I was constantly trying to come up with ways to facilitate the weapons training an
CSS Newsletter Jan09 Recent Developments at SASS
New Rules from 2008 Territorial Governor Summit Looks like the Traditional and Modern categories will be combined (new name unknown at this time). This new category will then be divided into two a
CSS Newsletter Jan10 Gunfight at the Outhouse
And now a true Cowboy Action story...   It started 4 days ago when scraping, chewing sounds were heard coming from the hallway restroom. Noticing the cat studying the door from a respectfu
CSS Newsletter May10 The .38-40 Cartridge
  Winchester .38-40 or .38 WCFcartridge, once obsolete, is now seeing a resurgence. Introduced by Winchester in 1874 as a blackpowder rifle cartridge for deer hunting, but turned out a bet
CSS Newsletter Sep09 Recent Developments
Gun Buyback programs don't really work - Law Enforcement Gun Buy Back programs are making little to no reductions in crime, according to recent studies. Turns out that most turned in guns don't work
CSS Newsletter Sep09 The .45-70 Government Cartridge
The .45-70 Government Cartridge Cartridge Specifications: 45-70 Govt Bullet Diameter, 0.458" Max. Case Length, 2.105" Case Trim Length, 2.100" Primer, Large Rifle The 45-70 Govt cartridge ju
CSS Newsletter, Dec08
Where did that town name come from? Town Meaner than Tombstone and Dodge City combined! Research for this article started off with an interesting town named Two Guns, Arizona. But the
CSS Newsletter, Jan09
Where did that town name come from? Hole in the Wall, Wyoming Hole-in-the-Wall was a remote hideout located in the Big Horn Mountains of Johnson County in northern Wyoming approximately 40
Don’t disregard the 20 Gauge Coach Gun
Which shotgun gauge should you choose: 12 gauge or 20 gauge? Which is better for SASS use? We have used both gauges and prefer the smaller 20 gauge. The 12 gauge shotguns are nice, powerful, and
Double Duelist
This optional shooting style is available to the Gunfighter because some stage instructions may not have 10 pistol shots in a row. The shooter may need to shoot 5 pistol shots, then the rifle shots o