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Double Duelist
This optional shooting style is available to the Gunfighter because some stage instructions may not have 10 pistol shots in a row. The shooter may need to shoot 5 pistol shots, then the rifle shots o
Gunfighter, what is it?
This SASS category has the shooter wearing two strong side holsters, one on the left side and the other on the right side. The holster arrangement does not necessarily need to be a double drop loop r
Gunfighters see things differently
Gunfighters will find that they may need to study the written scenarios closely before deciding how to shoot. The Gunfighter has the option of drawing both pistols and either shooting them alternatel
Scoring the Gunfighter
Much ado is made about how to score a Gunfighter. Stage scenarios are commonly written for shooters only drawing one pistol at a time; shooter using Traditional or Duelist styles. The Posse Counters