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Coach Gun - Your turn at the stage
Stage the external hammered shotgun with hammers cocked; this will save a second or two on your stage time. The action is open while staged, of course. Stage the internal hammered shotgun with the saf
Counting Rifle Rounds
  New shooters may not have the experience to count their rifle shots at the stage as they are fired. Some stage scenarios may have many rounds fired at the same target before proceeding to a
Finding a local club
Internet searches for “Cowboy Action Shooting, <your state>” should result in a number of clubs in your area. Not all clubs may be affiliated with SASS yet or are in the process of forming.
Gun Faux Paux
Pardon the French, but there are a number of rules related to gun handling that are strictly enforced. You will be observed very closely that you follow them and expect to be corrected when one is bro
Hare versus Tortoise
Those of you that remember the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare will remember that the Tortoise won the race even though the Hare was much quick. We have tried it and seem to have the opposite result
Loading 20 rounds
Many stage shooting sequences will require 20 rounds to be loaded and fired. If you use the same cartridge in your pistols and your rifle here is a tip that works. Carry the 20 rounds to the loading
Loading Table Etiquette
Each shooting stage will have a Loading Table where you load your weapons and an Unloading Table where you unload your weapons. Certain things happen at each table. Loading Table: B
Missing Cowboy Gear
  You finally make the decision and want to attend a Cowboy Action Shooting local match. Problem is that you don’t have all of the stuff yet – guns, leather, etc. Don’t fret over it – as othe
More Shotshells
  You step up to the stage and the instructions state that you will be shooting four shotgun knockdown targets. To complete the stage you must continue shooting until you knock down all targe
Qualifying for participation
Prior to allowing new shooters to participate in the main shooting events of a local Cowboy Action Shoot you will need to demonstrate your general gun handling skills and learn about the range rules
Restaging Long Guns
After finishing with your long guns, whether shotgun or rifle, you may need to restage it properly prior to firing one of your other weapons. Restaging is taken quite seriously, it must be done proper
Stage Misses
  After finishing your stage you know you had some misses. There will be 2 or 3 posse members holding up finger(s) indicating your misses. The posse ramrod or timer operator will record these
The Cowboy Shooting Range
  The shooting range will be divided into separate stages. Each stage may have a building or storefront as the shooting line. Nobody is allowed past the shooting line unless the entire range
What does “Slicking Up” your gun mean?
Disclaimer – This article intend is describe only general processes the author has either performed or has found through a generic search of other’s processes. None of the operations described here a
What is a Posse?
Many local club Cowboy Action Shooting events will have anywhere from 15 to 30 members participating. They will be grouped into teams or posses with each posse usually trying to have 10 members. The
You Missed - Now What?
  While shooting your target sequence you unfortunately missed the target. The natural instinct is to re-engage the same target, but do not do this. You shot at the target and missed, you are