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.38-55 Cartridge Case, Why two sizes?
Ever wonder why this Cowboy caliber rifle cartridge comes in two sizes? Research has maybe found the answer.   The .38-55 cartridge is a straight walled, tapered case introduced in 1884 by Ba
CSS Newsletter May10 The .38-40 Cartridge
  Winchester .38-40 or .38 WCFcartridge, once obsolete, is now seeing a resurgence. Introduced by Winchester in 1874 as a blackpowder rifle cartridge for deer hunting, but turned out a bet
CSS Newsletter Sep09 The .45-70 Government Cartridge
The .45-70 Government Cartridge Cartridge Specifications: 45-70 Govt Bullet Diameter, 0.458" Max. Case Length, 2.105" Case Trim Length, 2.100" Primer, Large Rifle The 45-70 Govt cartridge ju